Please make hotel reservations well in advance:

enter site source link  The organizers have arranged favorable prices for participants. Please follow the link below to choose one of the recommended hotels by April 21st at the latest:

You can also book your stay by sending us an e-mail to or to Ms Heike Kober directly using


By Plane

Distance from international airports:

  • Munich – Regensburg (105 km), direct train service approx. 1 hour
  • Nuremberg (110 km)
  • Frankfurt / Main (335 km), direct train service approx. 3 hours

Or you choose airportLiner shuttle service which offers a direct connection to Regensburg. In this case, please make a reservation in advance on the following booking platform:

By Train

Several options are on offer including the high speed ICE. Regensburg lies on the international route linking Brussels – Vienna – Budapest. There are connections from Regensburg to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt / Main, Stuttgart, Warsaw, Prague and Munich.

From Regensburg main station it is about 10 minutes by bus. Here you can choose between the bus line 1 (direction Prüfening), the bus line 2 (direction Karl-Stieler-Straße/Graß) and the bus line 11 (direction Wernerwerkstraße). Please choose as final station the bus station Fischmarkt.

For information on buses leaving Regensburg main station, please visit: