2st Round - Danube Small Project Fund (DSPF) 2023

Results of the 2nd round of the Danube Small Project Fund

The Danube Small Project Fund (DSPF) is a unique multi-stakeholder funding initiative that aims to support small-scale collaborative projects in the field of arts and culture in the Danube Region. In the 2nd round of the DSPF, the jury selected six project proposals for funding, which were announced in a public online event on Dec. 16, 2022.#

The following six projects have been selected to be sponsored in the year 2023.

  • Act togehter, Act now! (Anita Gócza, HU)
  • Activism for Social Change (Barna Petrányi, HU)
  • Danube Collection (Marlene Hübner, AT)
  • Downstream 01 (Christina Romirer, AT)
  • MURAiL (Strahinja Babic, RS)
  • The Future is Blue (Anna Tóthné Berger, HU)

The European Danube Academy expresses its gratitude to all DSPF partner institutions, the members of the jury and all applicants for their valuable proposals!

Jury of the DSPF 2023:

  • Carolin Binder, City of Regensburg
  • Franziska Veit, Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg
  • Katka Krejcova, Provincial Government of Lower Austria/

    Working Community of the Danube Regions (ARGE Donauländer)

  • Rupert Weinmann, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BMEIA) Austria
  • Vidosava Enderic, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina